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Yu-Gi- Oh Yugi x reader one- shot

Request for lizzycosplay

“Oh shit. Shit, shit, shit.” You said as you ran out of your apartment.
“Have a nice day at school hun.” Yelled your mom.
You ran through the crowded streets running as fast as you could.
“Oh man if I’m late again I’ll surely get a detention.” The school came into view. You didn’t even bother to stop by your locker you just ran straight to your home room, math.
“SAFE!” Everyone in the room stared blankly at you. While a small group in the back just chuckled. You slowly walked to the back and plopped down at your desk letting out a moan.
“Woke up late again [y/n]?” You glared at your blond haired teen.
“Oh shut up Joey.” Everyone just chuckled at your remark.
“Homework is really starting to pile up huh?” Asked Tea.
“Yeah. I’m surprised that it hasn’t died yet.”
“Just hang in there [Y/n] you’ll surly survive.” Ryou patted your back. You just looked at him and then slammed your head onto your desk.
“Ryou I’m not even sure if I will be able survive through the day I feel like just killing myself.” Ryou just rolled his eyes and reached into his pocket and pulled out a cookie. Your head shot up to the smell of the delicious cookie. You would have glomped him if it wasn’t for Tristan holding you pack.
“Come on [Y/n] control yourself.” He told you.
“[Y/n] you can have this cookie if you don’t kill yourself today. Deal?”
“M-Must… have… cookie …or… will… die.” You then fall limp.
“I’ll just take that as a yes.” *sweat drop* (cue kitty face) Ryou held the cookie near your mouth and you took the cookie and started eat the cookie while sitting on the floor.
“Best cookie ever.” You mumbled while chewing on the heavenly treat. You then heard two familiar laughs. You turned to see Yugi and Yami walking towards the group. You smiled at the identical  boys. “Hey Yami, Yugi.” Yami just ruffled your hair in a brotherly way. You swatted his hand away.
“Hey [Y/n] .” He chuckled. He holds out his hand and helps you up.( Just to let you all know Yugi had grown and is now as tall as Yami.)  The teacher soon enters into the room you all got to your seats.
“So remember class tomorrow is the test so be prepared.” The whole room erupted in groans. Except for you and Kaiba. You flinched when you felt something hit your hand. You looked down to see a folded piece of paper, you looked to your side to Yugi and he smiled at you and pointed at the piece of paper.  You then raised an eyebrow and unfolded the piece of paper.

Everyone is gathering up at the game stop after school to study. Would you like to come?

You looked up and gave him a thumb up.
~Time skip~
“FREEDOM!” Both you and Joey yelled.
“Are you sure they are not related?” asked Tea.
You all then started heading towards the game shop. When you arrived you were all greeted by Yugi’s and Yami’s grandpa. You all then headed upstairs and crashed in the living room. You sat on the couch in between Yugi and Yami. It wasn’t long after till Gramps came with a trey snacks and drinks. When you saw him enter you set down your book and walked over and gladly took the trey for the old man.
“Why thank you [Y/n].” You smiled at the old man.
“It’s no problem.” He then looked past you to the too identical tri- colored teens sitting on the couch.
“If only two curtain grandsons of mine were as polite and helpful as you.” Yami just smiled and rolled his eyes, While Yugi placed a hand behind his head and nervously chuckled. You let out a small giggle.
“Well maybe then I should give them some lessons in manners.” Gramps chuckled at your comment.
“Oh by the way [Y/n] could you make sure Yugi understands everything for the test tomorrow?”
“Sure I don’t mine tutoring Yugi.”
“You’re a kind person [Y/n] sometimes I wish you were my granddaughter.” This caused you to form a small blush.
“Yeah, sometime I wish that too.” Gramps then left and you walked back to your spot. You set down the trey of drinks and snacks and picked up your book and looked over at Yugi and started quizzing him. After the tenth question you all decided to take a break. You head of to the bathroom to freshen up, and Tea left to go take care of some empty bottles, leaving the guys to themselves. Joey let out a sigh.
“Man Yug. You’re getting nowhere like this.” Yugi looked at his blond haired friend confused.
“What do you mean?”
“Face it Yug we know you really like [Y/n] and if you don’t hurry up and tell her she’s going to be taken before you even get the chance.”
“R-really?” A light blush came to his cheeks.
“He’s right Yugi, I have noticed Bakura has been keeping a close eye on her.” Said Ryou.
Yugi looked down to his lap. “B-but I-I don’t know how to tell her.” Tristan and Joey shared a glance and shared a weird goofy smile. You then entered back into the room and retook your seat.
“Hey guys me and Tristan have an idea to make this studding a little more fun.” Both you and Yami shared a glance.
“And what would that be Joey?” You asked narrowing your eyes to glare that him.
“Okay here is how it works, what you do is you ask someone a math problem if they get it right they are fine but if they get it wrong they have to do something as a penalty.”
“So you see it’s kind of like truth or dare.” Said Tristan.
Tea soon returns and reclaims her seat. After explaining what’s going on you all got started.
~Time skip~
So after a while things were coming to an end. The scores:
Joey: 1 out of 5
Tristan: 2 out of 5
Tea: 3 out of 5
Yami: 4 out of 5
You: 5 out of 5
Yugi: 4 out of 4
Ryou: 4 out of 5
(I don’t really feel like going into detail of what each of their penalties but let’s just say that it was chaotic)
Joey has just finished his penalty and let out a sigh.
“Alright it’s now my turn again.” He looks around the room at everyone and then locked his eyes on Yugi. He smiled from ear to ear. “Alright my next victim will be my pal Yug.” Yugi smiled with a chuckle.
“Alright Joey.”
“But before I ask the question I would like to ask for [Y/n] to come over here and trade spots with Tristan.”
“Oh um…. Okay.” You then got up from your spot and took Tristan’s set. As Yugi watched you he became a little nervous, the only reason that he hasn’t got one question wrong was because he had you to give him small hints.
“Alright Yug what is (Really hard math problem)?” (Yes I know I’m being lazy right now but hey I’m stuck in a car driving to Florida for 9 hours yesterday and another 10 today and I want be arriving for a little less than 7 hours so please understand) Yugi’s eyes widen.
‘How in hell am I supposed to figure that problem?’ He then looks over at you, but you just gave him a sad smile. He then let out a sigh and pulls out a piece of paper and a pencil and tried to working it out. After a few minutes Yugi set down his pencil and handed Joey the paper.
“So is it right Joey?” asked Yami. Joey’s face just paled, and the smile on his face started to fade away. You then reached over and slipped the piece of paper out of his hand.
“I think you should let me look at it Joey.” You then looked over the problem. When you were done you set down the paper and let out a sigh.
“It was wrong.” Yugi looked down at his lap, and Joeys goofy grin returned. Ryou got up from where he sat and walked over to Yugi and gave him a pat on the back.
“You did your best yugi.” Yugi looked up at Ryou and gave him a small smile, as if saying thanks.
“Alright Joey what is my penalty?”
“Heh heh, your penalty is,” He looked over at you and his grin grew wider. “to kiss [Y/n], on the cheek.”
Yugi’s face turned red as a tomato. You were also blushing but it was a light blush across the cheeks. Yugi got up from where he sat and slowly walked over to where you are sitting, not taking his eyes off of you.
‘Calm down it’s only a  kiss on the cheek, just the cheek, nothing more.’ Yugi was so deep in thought that he didn’t notice where he was walking and ended up tripping over one of the legs to the coffee table, Yugi waved his arms around trying to regain balance but ended up falling forward towards you. Everyone’s eyes widen.
“Well I did say to kiss her but I didn’t mean it to be like that.” Somehow when Yugi tripped he was kissing you but not on the cheek but on the lips. Both of you were wide eyed and were as red as a tomato. Yugi then pulled away. You then looked down at your lap.
“Um I-I think I sh-should h-head home n-now.” You then sprung up from your seat and ran out of the room and out of the game shop. Yugi let out a grown.
“Sorry Yug didn’t mean to have it turn out like that.”
~Next day~
The group was near the back of the chatting away.
“Hey guys.” Everyone turned to see you with a big smile. Everyone greeted you  then Yugi stepped forward looking at the ground.
“Um… [Yn]?”
“Yes Yugi?”
“I-I want to apologize for yesterday. I didn’t mean to kiss you like that,” You tilted your head to the side as you listen to him ramble on and on.
“Yugi.” Yugi stopped talking and looked up at him. His eyes widen in surprise, for you have pressed your lips to his. When you pulled away you gave him a bright smile.
“How about that we talk about this later after school on a date.” Yugi’s cheeks turned a light shade of pink.
“A…. date?” You shook you head. A smile came to his face with excitement “Y-yeah sure.” After everyone congratulated the both of you, you all sat down on you seats.
“Hey [Y/n]?”
“Yeah?” Yugi leaned over and kissed you on the cheek.
“I love you.” You smiled and kissed his cheek back.
“I love you too.”
Well here you go lizzycosplay, hope you like it. And just to let you all know I am on spring break right now so the next chapter of Ryuga x reader childhood friend might be late. Hope you all also have a great spring break and I hope you all enjoy. Love you, and kissed for all. Also RAINING COOKIES!
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