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Sebastian x reader
Chapter 1

*nock nock* Sebastian entered the room.

"Young Master it's time to wake up."

He pulled open the curtain. Ciel pulled his arm over his eyes. He then sat up in the bed.

"Today's tea is a early gray."

He hands the tea cup to Ciel.

"Sebastian what is the schedule today?"

"Well apparently my lord."

He pulls put a letter that was addressed from the queen. Ciel takes the letter and read it over.

"A series of deaths are reported. Men's bodies found cut in half, and there is always a black feather found by the bodies. Never able to find a trace of who did it. Well that's odd."

He then ate his breakfast and got dressed.

"Sebastian fetch a carriage."

He bowed.

"Yes my lord."

He then left the room. Ciel then heads to the his studies. Once he got to the door he placed a hand on the handle and let out a tired sigh. He then opened the door to see Madam Red, and Lau, it is obvious that they were fighting about something. A vain appeared on Ciel's forehead.

"What are you two doing here?"

He asked in a sharp tone. The two stopped fighting and looked to the entrance to see Ciel.

"Oh good morning Master Ciel." said Lau.

*Sweet drop.* So After a few minutes things calmed down.

"So another case from the queen." Said Madam Red.

Ceil rested his head on the palm of his hand.

"Yes. It's another case of a series of murders."

"Well what can you expect from people." Said Madam Red.

The door to the studies opened.

"Oh I see we have guess." He bowed.  

"My lord the carriage is here. Shall we head to  town now?"

Ciel got up from his desk.

"Yes. Lets go."

~Time skip~

They all arrived at the crime seen.

"So this is the man that was last attacked?" Ciel says in a board tone.

"It appears so."

"What you again?"

They looked up to Lord Arther Randell.

"I thought that I told you to stay away from our cases." Ciel smiled.

He then held up the letter.

"I just only do what the queen wants me to do." he said in a mocking tone.

"So tell me what you have figured out so far."

There was then a soft jingle of bells. Sebastian turned his head to see you. You held your hand in a ball above your chest which showed a bracelet with small bells hanging on your right arm.   You were looking at the dead body, shaking in fear. Your eyes then wondered. Your [e/c] eyes locked with his blood red ones. You then looked away with a slight blush on your face and started to walk away. He watched as you walked away.

"Excuse me my lord but I was wondering if I could leave for a little bit. I remembered I have other business I need to attend to." Ciel let out a sigh.

"Fine but don't take to long." He bows.

"Thank you Master."

He then walks through the crowed of people that we crowded around the entrance of the alley way and fallowed you.  You noticed this and quicken your paste a little bit.

'Why is he fallowing me?'

You clutched your hands together. You start to move your eyes looking around but they then stop when they say the music store. You then stop walking and turned to look through the glass of the door. Your eyes soften a little bit. Sebastian then walked past you, but stopped a few feet away from you. He then looked from you to the glass display window to see a piano. You raise your hand to touch the glass. The slights movement made the bells ring.

"Hello miss."

You turned your head to see the person who owned the voice. Your brought your hands to your chest again.

"I see you look interested in the piano. Would you like to come in and have a closer look at it?"

He held out his held out his hand to you. You slowly shook your head and hesitantly took his hand. He then bought you inside over to the piano. You looked down at the piano and reached to touch the keys. You then looked back up at the man. He tilted his head to the side. He looked from the piano back to you. A smile then grew on his face.

"Go ahead."

Your eyes widened also a happy smile grew on your face. You then sat down and placed your fingers to your chin trying to think of what song to play it then hit you. You then positioned your fingers  on the keys and started to play. ( If you want to listen to the song it is called Forest Run by Jesse Wilson.) You close your eyes as you got more into the song. Sebastian watched and listened as you played. A smile grew on his face.


He turned to see Ciel, Lau, and Madam Red walking towards him.

"Oh young master. So did you get any information?"

"Only a small amount."

He then turned to the window and he could see you playing the piano. He then takes a glance back at Sebastian. He was looking back at you. A smirk came to his lips.

"I want to go inside."

He then walked to the entrance and pushed open the door the small bell that hung above the door range. You then stopped playing and looked to the door to see who it was. Your eyes widened to see a small boy, a man that looked like he was Chinese, a women with red hair and also wearing a red coat,  and the man with the blood red eyes. The blush came back to your cheeks. You then turned around and tried to think of what song to play next.

"Can I help you sir?"

"I would like to look at your violins."

The man of the shop smiled. "Alright then follow me please."

You watched from the corner of your eyes as they walked to the back.

'What do I do? I can't play if I know he's listening.'

Then thought you heard a drop of water fall. You shot your head up and looked out the window.

"Rain." You whispered.

A sad expression came to your face.

"Well how about this one?"

The store man showed him a violin. ( the next song is Melodic sad piano if you want to listen to it. It will give it more of a feeling.) Everyone then turns to you and listened to the sad song. The store mans face came from happy to depressing.

"Poor girl."  

Ciel looked back at the store man.

"Tell me. What do you know about that girl?"

"Not that much. She only comes by this shop once in a while. When ever she does I always invite her in and she always plays the piano. She doesn't speak that much unless I guess she trusts or is use to you. But whenever it rains she plays that song."

"What is her name?"

"I don't know she never told me."

"Then what did she tell you?"

"She told me that she is 15 years old, and that her father is dead. That is all that I know."

He then puts the violin back. Your song then comes to an end and you stood up and moved away from the piano to the door. The store man ran over to you.

"You shouldn't go out in the rain, stay until the rain is over."

You looked at him and shook your head back and forth. You then bowed and then exited the music store. They watched as you tried to run through the rain. After about  20 minutes the rain stopped and Ciel and the others head out of the store.

"Where to now My lord?" asked Sebastian.

"We go see the Undertaker."

~Time skip~

"Heh, heh, heh. Well isn't it the Young master Ciel Phantomhive. Heh. Heh."

"Undertaker we need information."

"Oh? About the resent murders? Heh, heh, heh."


"Well alright. But only because I am in such a wonderful mood. Heh, heh, heh."

He then went to the back room and came back with so tea.

"It's actually kind of funny all of the victims were cut in a clean swipe. In fact I saw the victim last night when I was coming back to the shop. Heh, Heh, heh. Apparently he was drunk and was terrorizing a innocent girl."

"What did the girl look like?"

"Heh, heh, heh, heh, She had lovely [h/l] [h/c], she was a silent girl she didn't scream, she had lovely [e/c] eyes. You would mostly say she's like an angel."

"Did you see where they ran to?"

"Heh, Heh. Um….Nope. But I noticed that all of the people that recently died had something to do with alcohol."

Madam Red smirked.

"Men and there alcohol."

They then all left and head back to the mansion.

"So it seems that the girl from the music story is a witness." said Lau.

"Now we just need to find her."

Ciel looked over to Sebastian.

"Sebastian." "I already know my lord. Don't worry I fined her in less than a minute."

The carriage suddenly stopped. Sebastian looked our the window of the carriage. He then got out of the carriage and looked up at the drives seat he was gone.

"Well that's odd the driver disappeared."

Sebastian looked around and saw no trace of the driver.  Sebastian then took over and they traveled all the way back to the mansion.

"I will start the tea Master."

"Bring it to my studies."

"Oh welcome back master." Said Finny.

(Yay. FINNY. Sorry I just had to get that out of my system.)

"Finny did you finish tending the garden yet?" Asked Sebastian.

"I'm almost done Sebastian sir."

"Then get to it."

Finny the runs out the back door to the garden. He then picked up the hedge trimmers and trimmed the trees.  He was almost done. You were hiding from behind a tree in the distance, watching the boy as he was working.

'Where is that guns man? I fallowed him here and now I can't find him.'

You looked around and then spotted him he was loading his gun and was getting ready to shoot him. Your eyes widened and you start to run to Finney. The guns men finally got his gun ready and aimed at the boy.

'Almost there.'

You were running as fast as you could. He was pulling back on the trigger. Finny then stopped trimming the tree.

"Is that the sound of some one running?"

You then pop out of the forest and ran and pushed the ladder over right when the guns man shot the bullet. As Finny You positioned yourself so he would fall on you. He then fell off the ladder and fell on you. The guns men cursed under his breath. Finney used his arms to push himself up. He then looked down to see you laying underneath him. Finny's face turned red, and he scrambled off of you.

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to do anything."

You then sat up and rubbed the back of your head. You felt something worm and sticky. You brought your hand  off of the back of your head and you saw blood. Apparently you hit your head on a rock or something hard.  Finny stopped babbling and saw the blood on your hand.

"Oh your bleeding."


Finney looked up to see everyone running out of the mansion to and toward him. You saw all of them running toward you and you got up and started running towards the woods again. But two minutes later you came back except unconscious and being carried on the shoulder of Sebastian.

"Well not exactly how I was going to do it but this will do."

Finney shot up.

"Careful Sebastian. She's bleeding."

He said while waving his arms up and down. His eyes widened a little bit, and he looked at you to see blood dripping from your hair.


"Y-yes Sebastian?"

"Take the girl and clean her wound."

"Yes sir." She said.

She then took you the bathroom and cleans the  wound on the back of your head. Once she was done bandaging your head Sebastian walked in.

"I take it from here."

He then picks you up bridal style and carries her to a guest room that he had prepared for you. Once he got to the room he gently sets you on the bed. Your head falls to the side and a few strand of your hair falls over your face. Sebastian then puts the strands of hair behind your ear. He then walked over to the window.

"It seems that you have attracted some different guess to the mansion my lady."

He looked to the forest to see a shadowed  figure, looking right at him. It then disappeared. He then turned back to your limp body.

"Just what do you have in store for us?"
I'm Glad that a lot of you liked the Prologue of the story. So here is the first chapter. I would also like to say thank you to TheAnimelsis and missanimestranger for the advise. Because of you two Sebastian is in my house. Ha ha just kidding he's really not at my house.

*Nock nock.* Coming. *Opens door.* "Good morning my lady." OMG IT'S SEBASTIAN. *faints.* Well viewers We hope you enjoy the first chapter of the story. For I am one hell of a butler. And I am one hell of a writer. Oh I see You're alright now. *Faints agian.*

Chapter 1: You are here
Chapter 2:[link]
Chapter 3:[link]
Chapter 4:[link]
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