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Hey guys been a while sense the last time I've done a journal. But hey I've been busy with school and junk again. But anyways there is something that I want you guys to check out. On Youtube check out Leetstreet boys. He has amazing anime music that are based off of anime. Here is a link to his youtube channel -->…

and here is a couple video's.

Once you watch make sure you let me know what you think. Also just in case you like his music. You can go to itunes and buy his music.


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Emily Holmes
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Hey everyone my name is Emily.

My deviant family:
Mom: BerryMoonKandaLover :iconberrymoonkandalover:
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Annoying little sister: KekeTH :iconkeketh:

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digital Chibi for :iconmouna-kun:… and me digital for :iconjaydragonstar:

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Atem x reader for :iconmomokitty27:

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~Emily’s Pov~

“Okay if I do  this, then do this aaaand there good as new.” Placing the fixed toy on my desk, I smile at my accomplishment. The smile fades as I lean back in my chair and listen to the sound of the ticking of the clock as each second goes by. Letting out a sigh I stand from the chair.

“Better go talk to Mello now.” Gasping, my eyes widen. It happened again. The ringing of bells, of small bells. “W-where… where is that coming from?” I asked looking around the room trying to find the source of the sound.

“Emily?” Turning around, I relax when I see it was only Near. “Are you alright?” With a nod I beckoned him in.

“Yeah I’m fine. Just some annoying ringing in my ears.” Picking up the toy, I hand it to him. He takes it happily. Letting out a giggle I head out of the room.

“Where are you going?” I take a glance over my shoulder.

“I need to find Mello. We need to have a talk.”

After looking around the whole household I still couldn’t find him. “Where the hell could he be?”

“Whatcha doin Emily?” My eyes widen as I finally noticed that Matt was standing right in front of me.

“Oh hey Matt. Have you seen Mello anywhere?”  The red head boy  scratched his head.

“He may be outside. Sometimes he goes up on the roof to think.” With a quick thank and ruffling his hair I head down the hall and open a door that leads to the attic.

“Mello?” once reaching the attic, there was many old boxes, furniture, and other things. There was no answer. Taking a few more steps I feel a breeze. Looking to my left I see a window that leads out to the roof. “Mello?” Poking my head out, I look to my right and there I see Mello. He had his arms around his legs, holding them close to his chest and had his head buried into his knees. Letting out a sigh I walk over and sit next to him. “You know we need to talk about a few things.” He continued to stay silent.

“First off, I would like to talk to you about is why you have a gun underneath your mattress.” Mello’s head shot up. He looked at me, his eyes showing he was starting to panic.

“H-how did you? Were you looking through my room?!” I ruffle his hair.

“Oh like you’re one to be complaining. Also, next time make sure it’s not sticking out from under your mattress.” He lets out a growl and pushes my hand away. “Well I’m waiting and if you don’t tell me, I will take it away and inform Roger.” He lets out a frustrated growl and glares at me.

“Gha! Fine! It belonged to a woman named Brittany, who worked here last year. I took it from her room. She must of forgot about it, because she never mentioned that it went missing. But ever since I took it, everyday I would go out into the woods and practice by shooting a few bullets.” Feeling satisfied with his answer I move on to something difference.

“Alright. But why did you take the gun?”

“So then I can finally do something better than Near.”

“Hm? What do you mean?” Mello rested his chin on the top of his knees.

“Ever since Near came to Wammy House, all I’ve been seen as Second best. He always rubs it in my face too. Everything that I do, he will do it better!” He grips at his hair. “I have to become better than him or else L won’t choose me.” My eyes widen.

“Oh yeah. This L guys chose Near, Matt and you as his successors.” Narrowing my eyes I watched as a mother bird fed its young. “So it’s rivalry that make you fight so much.” Looking to Mello he was shaking. “But if L chose you as one of his successors, then doesn't that mean that he has some faith in you?”

“It doesn't matter. Near is better than me at everything!” I place a hand over my mouth trying not to laugh. He looks at me, raising a brow. “What?” I then burst out laughing. Mello’s eyes widen, then looked furious. “What’s so funny!?” I wipe a stray tear away from my left eye.

“Mello. No one is ever perfect. Everyone has their flaws, and ways that they are better than others. Also you can do some things better than Near.” While raising a brow, Mello scooches a bit closer to me.

“In what ways?” I pretend to think and tap my chin.

“Hm. How about you being more social than him. Near is always shy and keeps to himself when it comes to kids near is own age. Another thing is you’re more enthusiastic about everything.” I lean towards him and cup a hand around his ear. “And don’t tell him that I told you this, but he secretly admires you.” Mello’s eyes widen.

“WHAT!!!” Smiling I nod.

“He admires how you can freely express yourself, while for him, physically expressing emotions is a difficult task.”  Mello lets out a soft snort.

“Well that's easy to see.” Scratching my head I looked back to the birds nest.

“Mello, you may not see it but, many of the younger kids here do look up to you. Since you’re older, you are to set an example to them and I’m pretty sure getting into fights isn’t setting a great example.” Mello looked down at his feet in thought.  “At least try to not get into any more fights, for my peace of mind.” He lets out a sigh.

“Fine. I’ll at least try.” Smiling I lean over and wrapped my arms around his shoulders.

“Thank you sweetheart.” Mello’s cheeks turned to a light shade of pink when I kissed the top of his head. “Come on let's go back inside. Sitting up here is making me a bit nervous.”

“Okay. Oh u-um Emily a-about me going through your” I wave my hand dismissing it.

“Don’t worry about it. Trust me, you’re not the the first person that I caught going through my room.”  Mello raised a brow.

“Who was the first?”

“Believe it or not, Near.” Mello bursts out laughing. My smile turns to a grimace when I start to hear the bells again. Except this time they were really starting to hurt. Placing my right hand over my ear I lean forward waiting for the pain to go away.

~Mello’s Pov~

I burst out laughing when Emily told me that Near was the first to actually look through her room.

“H-hey Emily, are you okay?” Emily was covering her ear with her right hand and was leaning forward.  She turned back towards me and slowly, but steadily walks towards me. “Emily?” I take a step towards her and my eyes widen as my foot slips.

“Mello!” I fell on the roof and slid down towards the edge. I feel myself start to fall off the roof. Closing my eyes I wait for my body to be filled with pain. But… it never came. Opening my eyes I see I was dangling off the rooftop, looking up I see Emily had me by my left arm. She was crouched right at the edge to where her toes were dangling off the roof. Her eyes looked straight into mine, showing shock, fear, and worry. Once I feel the shock start to wear off, Emily was pulling back up and pulling me toward the window that leads back into the attic. When my feet touched the flooring of the attic I can feel my heart pound against my chest. Falling to my knees I try to steady my breathing.

“I-it’s okay Mello.” Emily kneels down and wraps your arms around me pulling me close to her. I was surprised to feel her shaking. “You’re safe.”  Pulling away, I look at her face and she looked shaken. She lets out a shaky sigh as she combs her fingers through her hair.“ Mello  can you do me a favor?”

“O-oh yeah, sure.” She lets out a shaky chuckle, while she ruffles my hair.

“Try not to give me anymore heart attacks.”


Today is a beautiful Sunday morning. The sun was up and not a cloud in the sky. The sunlight shined through the windows giving me a small amount of warmth as I walked down the corridor that led to Roger’s office.  Today my hair was in two low pigtails, wore my black nerdy glasses. Looking down at my clothes I was wearing a red t-shirt with on the front in big bold letters Pretty Tomboy, slightly light blue overall shorts and black high top converse. (Don’t discriminate me! Overall shorts and overalls are freaking cute!) Reaching the end of the corridor, I was met with a brown door. After giving a few soft knock, there was a soft voice giving permission to enter.  When entering I give a smile.

“Well good morning Emily. What can I do for you?”

“Oh nothing. I was just came to let you know that the kids are fed and I’m going to head out for my appointment.”

“Alright, drive safe. Oh wait I meant to ask you to do this yesterday, but forgot. Also I know this is your day off, but  could you possibly take Mello and Near with you? They have appointments today also.” Smiling I shrugged my shoulders.

“I don’t mind at all. Oh do you want me to day the grocery shopping while I’m in town?” Roger nodded and stood from his seat.

“That would be wonderful. I’ll go gather the boys and get you the list.” After a 30 hour drive I pull into the hospital parking lot, then head into the building.

“Well good morning Emily. Here for your weekly appointment?” I smiled to the nurse known as Rachel. She wore blue scrubs and wore white tennis shoes. Today she had her shoulder length dark brown hair up a ponytail and her green eyes shined as bright as her smile.

“Yes Rachel. Also I brought a couple people with me today.” She leans to the side to look past me and waved to the boys. “Rachel this is Near and Mello. They’re here for a normal appointment.” Rachel calls for another nurse.

“Alright, Emily, you go ahead with Alice here and I will take the boys.”

“Okay, Once you’re done with them just bring them to back to me.”

~Rachel’s Pov~

“Huh. Mello, your blood pressure is a bit high.”

“I eat a lot of chocolate.” I just nod.

“Yep, that will do it.” After taking the boys high  measurements, blood pressure, checked their breathing, etc. I tell them to gather their stuff. “Alright boys, both of you are perfectly healthy and good to go. Just gather up your stuff and I’ll take you back to Emily.” The boys followed behind me, as I led them through the hospital to where we do x-rays.

“Um… Ms. Rachel?”

“Yes Mello.”

“Earlier you mentioned that Emily comes her for weekly appointments. Why is that?” My eyes widen as I looked down at the two.

“Emily hasn’t told you.” Near shook his head.

“No she never mentioned it. We only knew that every Sunday morning she would leave not really saying where or why.” Letting out a sigh, I scratched the back of my neck.

“Emily is suffering from amnesia.” The boys suddenly stopped walking. Slowing down, I turn  to face them.

“What?” I only nodded while giving a sad smile. Near walks past Mello and takes my hand.”

“What happened.” Giving a soft chuckle I signal for them to continue walking.

“It was Emily’s graduation day. As Emily and her parents were making their way to the graduation ceremony and at the same time an escaped criminal has stolen a car and was being chased by the police. Then… Emily’s car was in the way of the chase and… yeah. The amazing thing is that Emily actually took most of the impact of the crash but she only suffered by being in a coma for a few days, some scratched, and amnesia.” I hold open a door for them  that lead to a control room that had two way window.  Looking through the window Emily sat on a table that was connected to  a brain scan.  She wore only a hospital gown.

“When she came out of her coma did she remember anything?” I patted Mello’s head.

“Nope. She didn’t even remember her name and age.” A doctor enters the room. He looked to be in his early 30’s, and wore a lab coat.

“Oh good morning Rachel.”

“Good morning Doctor Stein. So how’s Emily conditions.” He lets out a sigh.

“She’s improving, but not as much as last week.”  He press a few buttons then leaned towards a microphone. “Alright, Emily,go ahead lay down, and relax. Then we can get started.”  

~Emily’s Pov~

“Well everything seems to check out, Emily.” Smiling, I sign a few papers.

“And the boys, they’re good?”

“Yep, perfectly healthy.” After finishing up and setting up my next appointment, I hand her back the paperwork.

“Well, I’ll see you next Sunday Rachel.”

“Oh Emily wait. I almost forgot. Your mom sent me a package, to give to you.” She hands me a medium sized brown box. With a final smile and goodbye we left the hospital and head to the supermarket.

After about an hour, we walked out a small supermarket that is in town. “Hey thanks guys for helping me carry the groceries.” Each of the boys had 2 to 3 bags of groceries in their hands.

“Don’t mention it.” Mello held his head high acting as if he just got an award. Near just looked like he always does.

“It’s the least we can do.” I only roll my eyes.

“Buy chocolate and a new toy and you get such helpful little boys.” We carried and as we placed the bags in the trunk of the car. I cringe to the ringing of bells again.

“Emily, are you okay?”

“Y-yeah. I’m.” I cut myself short when I noticed a woman holding a box, standing near the alleyway that was between the small supermarket and a bakery shop.  She looked around as if making sure no one was watching, then slipped down the alley. I narrowed my brows so that they knitted together. “I’m fine.” The lady then exits the alley, no longer holding the box. Looking  around she pulled a hood over her head and ran off.

“Emily?” I looked over to Mello and handed him the keys.

“You guys wait here in the car. I want to go check something out.” The boys looked confused at me when  walked towards the alleyway. Walking down the alleyway there was trash, crate’s, garbage bins, etc. The farther down I walk I start to hear small wails. I stop in front of a metal trash bin, where the wails could easily be heard. Reaching for the lid, I lift it off and see the box that the woman was holding. Carefully I open the box and my eyes widen to what I see. A very  small infant boy wrapped in cloth covered with holes, lied in the box wailing and crying.  “Oh god.” Carefully I lift the infant out of the box and held him close to me and see small dots of blood. Moving the rag away I see an umbilical cord. This infant wasn’t that old maybe a week or less. Wrapping the cloth around the baby I quickly head back to the car.  Quickly I open the door and got in. Mello and Near who were sitting in the back looked at me confused. “Buckle up boys and Mello do me a favor and hold the baby.” Mello hesitates slightly when I handed him the baby.

“U-um… Emily? Was this baby in the alleyway?” I buckled my belt and started up the car.

“Yes, and sorry boys we won't be going home just yet.”

“Are we going to the hospital again then?” Looking through the rearview mirror I see that Near has pulled back the cloth seeing the umbilical cord.”


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