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I was only able to watch the first 4 seconds of this on the first try.


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Emily rose
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Hey everyone my name is Emily.

My deviant family:
Mom: BerryMoonKandaLover :iconberrymoonkandalover:
Twin sister: k1w1-sama :iconk1w1-sama:
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Younger sister: BlackWolf198 :iconblackwolf198:
Younger sister: saffiracore :iconsaffiracore:
Annoying little sister: KekeTH :iconkeketh:
Cousin: Jabbia :iconjabbia:

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digital Chibi for :iconmouna-kun:… and me digital for :iconjaydragonstar:

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Atem x reader for :iconmomokitty27:
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453 deviations
“Here you are.” I set a plate full of crackers, cheeses, bread, fruits, slices of meats, and other little things in front of chibi Assassin Characters.  I smiled as the adorably nibbled on the food.  “Would you guys like anything else?”
“N-no no I think we are fine.” said Desmond.
“How ‘bout some rum lass?” asked Edward.
“Or some wine would be grande bella.” (Great beautiful.) Ezio winked with a smirk. Rolling my eyes I smiled.
“My parents have plenty of wine but I see what I can do about rum.”

~Desmond’s pov~
I watched the girl head down to what I guess was the basement.
“I don’t trust her.” I glanced over to Altair.
“Why is that?” Asked Arno. Altair crossed his stubby arms.
“There is something strange about her.” Malik just rolled his eye and took a bite of his bread.
“You never trust anyone.” I just let out a sigh and took a grape.
“There is nothing you will have to fear of her. I’m sure that she will answer any of your questions.”

~My pov~
I came up the stairs with a bottle of beer and bottle of wine.
“Okay I got what you asked for.” Once opening the bottles I carefully poured the drinks into miniature cups that I had from when I was little.  “Alright wine for everyone, aaand a beer for the English pirate, and his cute grandson.” Connor’s face turned red. With a giggle I went to go put some food back into the fridge. Once done I went over to Leonardo. “U-um Mr. Da Vinci sir?” “Hm?” Leonardo looked over his shoulder at me with a few crumbs on his face which made him look even cuter.
“Oh I-I just wish to say th-that I am a “Big” fan of your work. A-and I was just wondering….” I started to fiddle with my fingers. “I-If you would like to look at my work a-and maybe give me a bit of advice?” Leonardo smiled.
“I would be honored to ragazza (girl).” My face flushed a shade of red, and a big goofy smile came to my face. Bowing my head.
"Thank you so much, this is such an honor." Arno cleared his throat.
“Hmm? Oh sorry I guess you all would like to know who I am. My name is Emily. And I know that this time might be a little confusing and all but if you have any questions then just ask.”
“Actually we do have a few questions.” said Malik. I smiled.
“Okay shoot.”
“How is it that you know of us?” He asked. Everyone turned looked towards me.
“O-oh weelll.”
“Meow.” Looking to my cat I see that he has my necklace.
“Monroe, bad kitty. No taking mommy’s jewelry.” Taking my necklace I fastened it around my neck. They all gasp.
“So the lass is an Assassin.” Smirked Edward.  I frantically waved my hands back and forth.
“O-oh no, no, no I couldn’t kill someone”
“Then how is it that you have the Assassin’s symbol.” Altair crossed his arm.
“W-well actually Templars and Assassin’s are actually well known  in this time.”
“Really?” Asked Connor.
“Yeah.” I quickly went to my room when I came back down I showed them a few of my Assassin’s Creed books.
“Wow when did the Creed become this famous?” asked Desmond.
“Actually Desmond, 2007. No one actually knows if the Creed is real but we do know that there were actually Templars and that there were People who were assigned to kill them. But the Creed was based off of actual history. Like the Revolutionary war, The french Revolution, etc. Also the filled with other historical information like information about about Leonardo. He became a very well known artist, and he inspired many people. Okay any other questions?”
“Yes Bella. Has anyone ever told you how lovely you look in that outfit?” I gave a half lidded smirk.
“Oooh Ezio, you’re just lucky that you’re so small and cute right now, or else if you were your actual size then you would be slapped across the face.” I said while pinching his cheek.”But anyways till we can figure out a way to get you guys back to your times you are all allowed to stay here.”
“But what about your parents Emily?” asked Desmond.
“Oh they are mostly on Business trips all the time. So they are hardly ever home. But if they do come home just hide in my room till they out of sight. Anything else?” They all said no. “Alright then make yourselves at home everyone I need to contact one of my girlfriends.” I then head up towards my room and got onto my computer to contact my friend Kiwi on Skype.

Emily: Hey sis.
Kiwi: Hey What’s up?
Emily: Chibi Assassin’s that’s what.
Kiwi: So you finished a Chibi Assassin’s drawing? Show MEEEEEEEH!
Emily: No I’m serious Chibi Assassin’s are in my house.
Kiwi: Do you have proof?
I quickly send her a pic of Ezio and a few others riding on Monroe's back.
Kiwi: Oh My Jashin!
Emily: I know right!! Anyways I was wondering if you can help me out.
Kiwi: What is it?
Emily: Well I know that you love to look at spell books and dark magic.
Kiwi: You know me too well. ;P
Emily: Yes I know. Anyways do you think you could research of kind of alternate universe stuff for me?
Kiwi: Of coarse sis you can count on me.
Emily: Thanks. Well I better go check on the chibi’s to make sure that they aren't destroying anything.
Kiwi: KK love ya sis. I’ll talk to you later.

~End Chat~
When the chat ended i sat back in my swat and rubbed my hands over my face.
“Well this is going to be very interesting.”
Chibi Assassin's Chapter 2
Well here is the next chapter of Chibi Assassins. Things are starting to get good. 

Picture belongs to: :iconaidiki-chan:

Chapter 1: kagomeandsesshomaru9.deviantar…
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