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He guys. I'm really sorry that I haven't been updating is a really long time. I haven't really been in the mood of writing or drawing because of school work. But now it's finally summer and today I'm stuck at home with not much to do. So I thought hey maybe I should update one of my stories. So I'll let you guys decide which one I should update. Here are your options:

1) choosing my life Itachi x reader
2) Into the world of Naruto x reader
3) Love for an Elf Legolas x Shy reader
4) Priest Seth x reader x Atem Cousin Rivalry
5) Assassin's Creed 3 Conner x reader
6) A trip that changed a life
7) Ryuga x reader childhood friends

These are the ones that I'm willing to attempt to continue. Wow I thought I didn't have this many that still need to be continued. Anyways I also have fan-fictions. If you would like to see one of those updated then just type the name of it in the comments of this journal. Link to  Fanfiction folder ----> Fan-fiction


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Emily Holmes
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Hey everyone my name is Emily.

My deviant family:
Mom: BerryMoonKandaLover :iconberrymoonkandalover:
Twin sister: k1w1-sama :iconk1w1-sama:
Older sister: LadySesshy :iconladysesshy:
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Younger sister: BlackWolf198 :iconblackwolf198:
Younger sister: saffiracore :iconsaffiracore:
Annoying little sister: KekeTH :iconkeketh:
Cousin: Jabbia :iconjabbia:

Drawing request to complete:
digital Chibi for :iconmouna-kun:… and me digital for :iconjaydragonstar:

Commissions To complete:
Atem x reader for :iconmomokitty27:
Atem x Brett for :iconqueenbrittstalin:

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You ran in the halls of the home of the Assassin’s. You were on a mission, a mission that was of your own desire. Heading to the training ground you hid behind one of the walls. Peaking around the corner your smirk grew. For there practicing was the Master Assassin’s himself Altair.

“Target sighted.” Your name was [Y/n] [L/n]. A novice, an assassin in training. You were one of the quickest learning among the other Novices, and by the effect of this you have befriended Kadar, Malik and somehow through them you her able to be in a way befriend Altair.  Yeah you would run into him every once in a while and ask him for tips,and every once in a while you two would chat, there is one thing that you discovered of the Assassin. Other than his fear of water, he hates being hugged. So you made it your personal mission to get a hug from Altair by his own will or not.

Ever so slowly you crouched and made your way towards him. When you were close enough you sprung into action. Right when you were just about to jump attack him, he swiftly turned around grabbing your wrist and then flipping you onto your back. Clutching your eyes shut by the impact you let out a groan.

“What the hell were you doing [Y/n]?” Opening your eyes you see Altair to see that Altair was standing above you. You smiled up at him.

“Trying to get a hug.” You sat up and sat in front of him. Altair narrowed his eyes as you.

“I don’t have time for your shenanigans. Go bother Kadar or Malik.” You frowned with a pouty lip.

“But they already willingly gave me a hug.”Altair pinched the bridge of his nose while letting out a sigh.

“Unbelievable. You are such a child as well as a Novice.” He turns and walks away.


~Few days later~

Malik was in his room laying in his bed while looking at one of the many books that have the history of the Assassin’s. His attention was brought away when he hears the door to his room swiftly open and then slammed shut. Looking  up from the book, he let out a sigh seeing that it was Altair. He has his body pressed against the door seeming to be out of breath. Sitting up gave him his full attention.

“What happened?” Altair starts pasting the room.

“That insane Novice. That's what happened.” He growled. Malik raised a brow.
“You mean [Y/n]? What did she do?” Altair rubbed his temples.

“She keeps trying to hug me.” Malik just stared at him before bursting out laughing. Altair glared at him as if trying to burn holes into his head.

“To think that the over sized ego Master Assassin would be running from a Novice.” Malik wiped away a tear from his eye. Altair let out a growl. “Altair.” Malik starts to calm down. “Has it ever occurred to maybe that you should just give in and give [Y/n] the hug she wants?” Altair scoffed.

“Giving in shows signs of weakness.” Malik just rolled his eyes and laid back down on his bed.

“You are the Novice here. If you can’t just give in then I’m afraid that there is nothing that I can do to help you my friend.” He then picks up his book and continues to read. “Oh and I suggest you leave right now.” Altair raised a brow.

“What.” Malik then points towards the ceiling. Looking up Altair’s eyes widen as you were hanging from a beam.

“Give me my hug!” Letting go you drop to the floor in a crouched  position. As soon as you land Altair was already jumping out of Malik's window. Before you head after him you turned towards Malik.

“Thanks for letting my stake out in your room Malik.” He gave a  small wave of his hand.

“Anytime [Y/n].” With a nod you then once again chased after the Master Assassin.

~A week later~

Altair let out a sigh as he sat on the edge of his bed. He has been assigned to go and gather information. But he couldn’t leave just yet, for he had to let one of the Novices shadow him while on his mission.

“At least I will finally get time away from [Y/n].” There was a knock at his door. “Come in.” The door open to see it was Malik and Kadar with smirks on their faces as they blocked the view of the doorway. .

“Ready for your mission.” Asked Kadar. Altair stood up and rolled his shoulders.

“More ready than you think. So who is the Novice that will be shadowing me?” The two brothers moved aside and the room seemed to suddenly become cold. “This better be some kind of sick joke.” You stood in the doorway with a cheeky smile and your hands behind your back. Kadar placed his hands on your shoulders.

“I’m afraid not Altair. [Y/n] is the Novice that will be shadowing you on your mission.”Kadar gave a small chuckle.  Altair glared down at you from under his hood. You could say you can see his right eye twitch ever so slightly.

“Let’s go.” He then made his way past you and down the halls. You gave a giggle as she jogged after him.

“Good luck you two.” yelled Kadar to your retreating figures.

“Make sure you come back to us in one piece.” yelled Malik.

~Time skip~

“Now you listen to me [y/n]. I don’t want you trying anything while on this mission. We are here to gather information, not to fool around. Got it?”  You gave a nod with your same cheeky smile.

“I understand.” Altair let out a sigh.

“Good.” But he still kept his guard up with you. Soon he sees their target in sight. He motioned for you to follow. As the target went around the corner you two decide to follow him from the roofs. The target soon meets with another man in an alleyway and starts to share information.  You place your hand on his shoulder gently shaking him.

“Um Altair I think that we should move.” Altair brushed your hand away.  Looking over your shoulder you see  a guard coming onto the roof. You shook his shoulder again a bit more urgently.
“Altair.” Once again he brushed you off. The guard looked around and then spotted you. “Altair!” Altair swiftly turned around looking aggravated.


“Assassin!” Altair looked past and see that about 5 guards were heading towards them.

“Shit!” Grabbing your wrist  the two of you ran across roof tops but it was proving very difficult to lose them.

“Altair what are we going to do?” You asked in panic.

“This.” You narrowed your eyes.

“Wha?” Before you were able to fully question him your eyes widen when Altair forced you to jump off a three story  building. You land softly in a pile of hay. Sitting up you spit a few pieces of hay from your mouth. “Altair you freaken ass.” You were cut off b arms  wrapping around your waist and pulling you down to lay on a masculine clothed chest.

“Shut up.”  Altair placed his hand over your mouth to keep you from talking. Your eyes widen when you hear the sound of Altair’s heart beat and the sound of guards running past. When Altair finally thought it was safe he let you go and sat up and climbed out of the pile of hay. “You alright [Y/n] He glances over to you to see that you once again had that annoying cheeky smile. “What?”
You took the final few steps forward and then wrapped your arms around his waist.

“Now I got two hugs from you.” Altair flinched then relaxed letting out an exhausted sigh before wrapping his around you returning the hug.

“Satisfied then?” You pulled away and placed you hands behind your back.

“Very.” Altair smiled as he took a step forward towering over you.

“Good because now its time for you to get a taste of your own medicine.” With a tilt of your head you gave a look of confusion. You let out a gasp as you were suddenly picked up and placed onto Altair’s shoulder. Your face turned red as the Assassin’s red sash.

“Altair put me down this instant.” Altair let out a deep chuckle as you hit your fists against his back.

“You should have seen this coming [Y/n].” With that Altair carried you on his shoulder as he made his way to find a horse.
Hugging an Assassin Altair x reader
Image belongs to: :iconhikari-15-l:

I'm so sorry that I haven't post any stories in a while guys. Anyways I got the idea of this small story from thinking of a fan-fiction that I was thinking of maybe doing. Then it accord to me that Altair is not that much of a huggy person and then I thought of how much fun it would be to try to get a hug from him. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy.
Best Art Done Yet by kagomeandsesshomaru9
Best Art Done Yet
I am really proud by this one. This is of a girl in my choir class. She was really excited when she finally got to keep it. I felt so bad for making her wait so long I just kept forgetting to scan it.
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