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Hey guys I was wondering what I should do for my next youtube video. If you have any suggestions then let me know in the comments. To see what I've do so far here is a link to my youtube channel.…


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Hey everyone my name is Emily.

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“So you actually did it.” The moon shined high in the night showing the dead bodies of the Uchiha clan. Itachi, the eldest Uchiha stood before you silent with his back facing you.  
“Yes.” He gave a sad look as he glanced over his shoulder at you. No fear, or anger was shown in your eyes. Only sympathy, sadness, and love was shone. Itachi glanced down at his now unconscious brother. “You will look after him for me right?” You knelt down and slid Sasuke onto your back.
“I should be taken back to my home village probably by next year, but till then I’ll look after him. But from there it will be up to him if he will still want revenge or not.” There was a brief moment of silence.
“Itachi.” When Itachi began to walk away you ran to him and grabbed his wrist. “Itachi come to my village there you can be safe and you won’t ever have to worry about any of this.”
“Please Itachi I don’t wish to see you suffer because of this.” You tighten your grip on his wrist.
“[Y/N] you should no longer look at me as a friend. I will most likely become an S- rank criminal.” You just shook your head.
“It’s my life Itachi. You have done too much for me to have me think of you as an enemy.” Itachi’s eye soften.
“[Y/n], I can’t.” Your eyes turned from hope to anger. “Why?.... WHY?”  Suddenly Itachi hit you in the back of the neck. Slowly Itachi lowered you to the ground. With the last bit of your strength you looked up at Itachi and saw that he had tears rolling down his face.
“Because I don’t wish for you to get hurt.”
“I-Ita-chi.” The world around you went black.

~Time skip~

“Itachi!” Your eyes widen as you looked around the room noticing that it was the hospital.
“[Y-Y/n]-chan.” Looking to the end of your bed you see a crying sasuke.
“S-sasuke.” The raven haired boy jumped into your arms, and cried into your shoulder. Once getting over your shock tears were at the brim of your eyes. Wrapping your arms around him, you cradled the boy.
“I-I’m so happy you’re a-awake. I thought I-I lost you too!” He said in between cry's.
“Don’t worry Sasuke everything is fine now.” You tighten your hold on Sasuke. “Everything…. I-is fine.”
Choosing my life Itachi x Reader Prologue
Finally! I'm finally doing an itachi x reader! Anyways sorry that it's been so long since the last time that I posted anything guys. Being a junior in high school is making me really busy with homework and preparing for my ACT's. So I hope you guys understand. 

I do plan on trying to write more while I'm on Christmas break. But anyways Merry Christmas to you all. Hope you all have happy holidays.

Oh the next chapter takes place during the chunin exams and so I have two characters figured out for reader-chan's team but I thought I would give an opening for someone to be the third in the team. So If you would like to be part of team then here is what you do:

1.) Send me a note and title it Reader-chan's ninja team.
2.) write what your name would be and what kind of jutsu you would use.
3.) what your personality would be.

I will let this sit for a few days and then once I got all the people that want the part then I will draw who gets it. Once it's decided then I will send you information on the village that you and Reader-chan sensei came from.  Then you can create your own little childhood story.

Chapter 1: Coming soon

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