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Hi guys. So as you guys can see by the title of this journal I have plans of a new reader insert. It's going to be called meaning of life Altair x reader.

How it will start out is you are 17 years old and your parents have been mysteriously killed. For some odd reason none of your family members wouldn't let you stay with them. But then your dear cousin Desmond Miles offers you to stay with him.

This is only a a bit of a layout to give you an idea of how you will  be related to this. Also this story will be mostly taking place with the story line of the first Assassin's Creed game. Also I plan to make this a long story.

I believe that I will have the prologue or first chapter up by tomorrow or monday. Well talk to you guys again soon bye.


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Hey everyone my name is Emily.

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You paced around the apartment. A couple days ago when you were talking with Emily she called back she tells you that she was almost killed. She said that she was alright other than her foot, but that was the only injury.

~Flash back~

“Emily are you alright?” There was heavy breathing coming from the other side of the cell.

“[Y/n] I was just almost killed!” Your eyes widen.

“What!? Are you okay?!”

“Yeah I-I’m fine.” Your hand reached up and gripped your hair.

“Just what’s going on?” Tears threaten to fall from your eyes. First your parents were killed, then Desmond was captured for apparently being an Assassin, and your best friend was almost killed.

“I-I don’t know but my parent and I are coming to New York. They said that they will explain everything. But they feel that we both deserve to hear.”

~End Flashback~

That was the last that you hear from her. You sit down on the couch and rake your fingers through your hair. But you didn’t get to sit for that long for there was a knock on the door. With lightning speed you race to the door looking through the peephole and let out a sigh of relief.  Removing the chain and unlocking the locks you open the door to see Emily and her parents.

“Mrs. and Mr. Holmes please come in.” They both gave her a hug before entering.

“Hey there kiddo.” Said Mr. Holmes.

“How are you holding up sweetheart?” Asked Mrs. Holmes.  

“Not so good.” You almost broke down crying when you say Emily. She was using a crutch to support herself and her foot was bandaged. You and Emily hugged each other for a bit before pulling away. “How’s your foot?”

“It’s healing but kinda hurts to walk on.” The two of you share a small chuckle before entering the apartment.

“Okay girls sit down; it’s time for some explaining.”  You all walk to the living room Emily and you sitting on the couch and Emily’s parents pull up a couple of chairs. Mr. Holmes let out something between a groan and a sigh.

“Now where to begin?”

“How about explaining what Assassin’s have to do with me.” You said. Mr. Holmes seemed to keep from having eye contact with you. Mrs. Holmes gave her husbands shoulder a gentle squeeze.

“[Y/n] we’ve known your parents before you were born. The truth is your mother and father were both Assassin’s. Also just like how Assassin’s target Templar’s, Templar’s will target Assassin’s.” You looked between the two, while leaning back and crossing your arms over your chest.

“First off are you guess also Assassin’s? Second why would you and my parents hide something like that from their kids? Then third why were targeted?” Mr. Holmes sat up in his chair and rubbed his hands over his face.

“Yes we are also Assassin’s. The reason why your parents and us would hide this from two is for you two to be able to be protected and so that you two would been able to live a normal life.” You glance over at Emily. She looked calm but by looking at her hands it did affect her that she whole life this was hidden from her.

“And why were [Y/n]’s parents targeted?” Asked Emily. The two adults looked to one another before speaking.

“They… They were targeted because it was thought that then held information about the Apple of Eden.” You lean forward.

“What is the Apple of Eden?” you asked.

“The Apple of Eden is what the Assassin’s and Templar’s have been at war for many centiers. The Apple of Eden holds long line of history. It is said that the Apple has the power to be able to control mankind.” Emily narrows her eyes.

“Can something like that really exist?” You look down at your lap but then looked up again.

“Yes sweetheart.” Said Emily’s Mom. You stand up and head to your backpack and pulled out the necklace that was from your attacker.

“This was from the man that killed my parents and tried to kill me. Was it from a Templar?” Mr. Holmes nodded.

“Yes. I also believe that is was the same one that tried to kill you Emily.” Emily gave a look of  boredom.

“Well he’s dead and burning in hell now. That all that matters.” Emily gave a smirk.

“Wait… What about Desmond?” Emily’s parents frowned.

“We are not completely sure as of yet, but we believe that Desmond was captured by Templar’s and they plan on getting information from him.”  You tilt your head to the side in confusion.

“How would they get information from him if he doesn’t even know about the creed himself?”

“They have a machine known as an animus. The machine is able to look into a person's memories. In which this case Templar’s are using it  to be able to look into the past lives of Desmond to be able to get hints of where they might be able to find the Apple.” Mrs. Holmes looks you straight in the eyes. “[Y/n] with  Desmond’s and you your bloodline goes back to the late 1100’s to a master Assassin named Altair ibn la ahad.” Mr. Holmes looked to Emily.

“And Emily your bloodline goes back to a Native Assassin Known as Connor Kenway. He helped the win the Revolutionary war.”  Emily smirked.

“Those red coats had it coming.” Mr. Holmes smiles and shakes his head. Mrs. Holmes cleared her throat.

“Anyways, by them capturing Desmond they hold a huge key to be able find the Apple. But you also hold the same information [Y/n]. In truth it’s bad enough that they have Desmond. If the were to get their hands on you there is no telling what could happen. So it’s important that you be really careful.” The room became silent and filled with tension.

“What do we do now?” You asked.

“For now my wife and I will try to gather information about Desmond's wearabouts. As for you two I suggest that for now you two stay in the apartment at least till Emily’s foot is healed enough to walk on. But if you two decide to leave..” Mr. Holmes opens up a small suitcase with various weapons. He pulls out what looks like to be an armbrace it had the Assassin’s symbol on it just like your locket. He pulls back the arm of Emily’s baggy sweatshirt and strapped it to her arm.
“You will use this hidden blade to protect you.” Emily looked at it in confusion and then flexed her wrist causing a blade to pop out. Both you and Emily jump at this. Emily’s eyes seem to gleam in fascination.

“Awweeesooooome.” You narrow your eyes.

“Wait only Emily gets weapons?” Mr. Holmes nodded,

“I’m afraid so. Emily has more experiences with fighting and weapons.” Emily seemed to perk up.

“Waaaaiiit is this why you sent me to a military camp two years ago over the summer?” Mrs. Holmes smiles and pats Emily’s head.

“Yes Sweetheart.” She slowly started to think it out if it is a good thing or not.

~Time skip~

Emily’s parents had head out to gather information while the you and Emily stayed at the apartment. While Emily kept playing with the hidden blade you sat on the floor looking at the journal that was your parents.

“Meaning in life.” Emily paused playing with the blade and looks at you.

“Hm. Did you say something [Y/n]?” You rubbed your thumb over the cover of the book.

“Emily what do you think your Meaning in life is?”

“Huh?” She looked to the book. “Oooh. Well… I think I have quite a few meanings in my life.”

“Like what?”

“Well making people smile, to one day be a mom, and a couple of other things.”

“That sounds nice.” Emily’s eyes soften and and she let out a sigh.

“But there is one thing that my Meaning in life is strongest for right now.”  You look over your shoulder.

“What’s that?” Emily smiles.

“To stand by my best friend's side no matter what?” You looked at Emily in shock. “[Y/n] that day when I came to meet up with you at your house I thought we would walk to school together. But instead I found my best friends parents dead and my best friend laying in a pool of her own blood bareilly clinging to life. It was the most terrifying thing that I experienced in my life. Me almost being killed being the second. But anyways the day after your parents funeral I went back and stood on your parents grave. When I stood there I didn’t do anything except cry. Before I left I made a promise on your parents grave. A promise that no matter what I would help protect you, and be there to help you through the tough times.” Tears slowly fell from your eyes and a smile spread across your face.

“I’m so lucky to have a friend like you.” Emily scoots from her seat on the couch onto the floor next to you and wrapped her arms around your neck letting out a giggle.

“You dumb dumb we’re not just friends, we’re sisters.” The both of you giggled


“Great session today Desmond.” The virtual screen goes down and Desmond sat up from the animus. He rubs his eyes and heads to his room.

“Yeah, yeah.” The professor adjusted his lab coat before heading out. (I can’t remember the guys name.)

“Lucy I’ll leave you to finish up.”

“Yes sir.” Once the professor left the room she looks toward Desmond who was about to enter his room. “Desmond.” He looked to her while scratching the back of his head.

“What?” Lucy walks to him and hands him her cell phone. Desmond gave her a confused look.  “Give your cousin a call now. I’ll only be able to shut down the security cameras for so long.” Desmond’s eyes widen at this. He wraps his fingers around the cell then glances at Lucy.

“Hey Lucy.” She looks over to him and tilts her head. “Thanks.”  Lucy let out a sigh.

“No prob.” Desmond enters his room and sits on the bed and quickly dialing a number.


Emily’s parent just walk in the door looking exhausted.

“Hey Mrs. and Mr. Holmes were you able to find out anything of Desmond's location?You and Emily were preparing dinner. The two adults sat down at the table.

“Sorry [Y/n] but we didn’t find much.” The phone goes off.

“I’ll get it.” Emily started to hobble over. and picks up the phone. “Hello? Mile’s residents Emily speaking. May I ask who’s calling?”

“Emily what the hell are you doing in my apartment?” Emily froze almost dropping the phone.

“De-de-desmond?!” Everyone in the room perked up and stopped what they were doing  and almost trampled Emily. You ran to her and grabbed the phone from Emily’s hands.

“Desmond?!” Tears weld in your eyes as you hear the familiar chuckle that you knew belonged to your beloved cousin.
“Hey what’s up [N/n]?”  You wiped your eyes.

“D-don’t you what’s up [N/n] me. Desmond are you okay? Are you hurt? Where are you?”

“Yeah I’m fine, and I can’t really say my exact location but I think I’m still in New York.”

“I’m so glad.” Desmond let out a sigh.

“Listen [N/n] things have been really getting weird.”

“You’re telling me. I just figured out today that my parents were Assassin’s and that Emily’s parents are also Assassin’s.”

“Wait what? N-never mind. A-anyways I’m sorry [Y/n] but I think i’m going to be gone for a while. I’m not sure when I’ll be coming home. But I just wanted to let you know that I’m okay.”

“Desmond I’m afraid that you’re going to have to cut the call short.” You narrow your eyes.

“Desmond who was that?”

“Just give me a sec.” You hear in the back ground.  “That was the person who was able to let me do this call. I really shouldn’t be able to call you right now.”

“I see.”

“I’m afraid this will be the last time I’m going to be able  to talk to you in a while. I’m sorry [Y/n]. Bye.”

“Desmond wait!” The call was cut off, and you slowly move the phone back to its proper place. Emily looked nervously between her friend and her parents. Her mom cleared her throat.

“My husband and I will try to track the cell signal.” Emily wraps her arm around [Y/n]’s shoulder.

“You okay?” YOu rubbed your puffy red eyes and smile.

“Yeah. At least I know he’s okay.”

~A few days later~

Once again Emily’s parents have gone out to gather information. again. Emily happily walked around the apartment; feeling so energetic for her foot to finally be healed enough to be able to walk on.

“Ahhh. It feels so good to be alive.” She looks out the window seeing a billboard.  “Hey [N/n] how about we go out. The museum seems to be opening a new exhibit today. Why don’t we go check it out?”  You glanced to her from your spot on the couch.

“Yeah sure I guess. It’s better that staying locked up in the apartment all day again.” Emily smiles.

“Great. Just let me make sure I have what I need then we can go.”

“Okay.” While Emily heads to her room, you go to put on your shoes. Suddenly your head starts to hurt, making you clutch your head and tightly shut your eyes. An image appeared in your mind of a circular artifact  in a glace case. When the image disappeared you fall to your hands and knees panting. You wipe your forehead to see you were sweating lightly.

“[Y/n]? [Y/n]! Are you alright?” You glanced to Emily and gave her a fake smile.

“Y-yeah I’m fine.” Emily helped you stand.

“Are you sure? We don’t need to go if you’re not feeling well.”

“No, no I assure you I’m completely fine.” You slip your shoes on and head to the door. “No come on let's go.” Emily shrugs her shoulders and slings her backpack over her shoulder.

“Alright. Off to the museum.” Once Emily passed you, your smile turned into a frown.

“I think I have a bad feeling.”
Meaning in life Altair x reader Chapter 3
Here you all go. The next chapter. I really do hope that you all are enjoy this. And I promise that you will see Desmond soon. Also the next chapter might me a shorter one.  Just to give you guys a heads up. 

But once again I hope that you guys enjoy and feel free to tell me what you guys think.

Prologue: kagomeandsesshomaru9.deviantar…
Chapter 2: kagomeandsesshomaru9.deviantar…
Chapter 4: Coming soon

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